At Live & Learn Group, we’re committed to helping people with disabilities reach their potential. Our dedicated staff are highly trained and experienced individuals who want to provide you with the very best support and encouragement while also helping you learn skills that suit your unique style. Aside from our everyday activities, we can also provide you with tailor-made activities so that you can learn new skills that fit in perfectly with YOU.

“Creating a diverse community where everyone feels empowered by living life fully as themselves every day; no matter the challenges they face or how old they may be”

Live & Learn Group

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for people with disabilities. We want to offer them the very best class of care, along with the opportunity not only to learn everyday life skills, but to learn something they have a yearning for. In addition, we promote an empowering, respectful and diverse culture to ensure that each individual feels welcome. 


We are open, honest and transparent


We respect all individuals & their needs


We aim to build skills and confidence


Everyone should feel a sense of inclusion


Every individual is important

We’re here for you!

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